Thursday, August 5, 2010

Topsy Turvy Un-Birthday Cake

This is the craziest and the largest cake I have done so far. It was for a families big  un-birthday party. I think that having an un-birthday party for the entire extended family is such a fun idea and a cake for an un-birthday party has endless possibilities. When the cake was ordered they said they wanted a Mad Hatter birthday cake, so as a nod to the un-birthday scene in Alice in wonderland I made a tea party scene with fondant cutouts. This cake was an absolute blast to make, and I bet it tasted pretty good too because they had all different flavors. The bottom was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, the second was strawberry and vanilla checkerboard cake with strawberry filling, the third was chocolate and vanilla checkerboard with raspberry filling, and the top was vanilla with lemon icing.Yum. 

This last one shows how tipsy it really was!

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  1. Holy Schmokes girl! That cake looks fantastic! I think I need to come and watch you do one of your cakes....maybe some talent will get into me via osmosis...Nice work! -Jenn Day