Saturday, September 1, 2012

Panda Cupcakes

 I came across this Idea on Bakerella's blog and loved it. I thought the panda cupcakes were absolutely adorable. Mine didn't turn out quite as perfect as Bakerella's, but still, pretty gosh darn cute. If you want to make them as well click HERE to go to the original link.

Stephanie's Gold and Burgundy Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was really fun for me because I made it for the little sister of one of my really good friends from my junior high and high school days. I hadn't seen her for almost 2 years when she contacted me about doing a wedding cake for her little sister. First of all, it was really weird for me to think that our little sisters are old enough to get married. In my head, 5 years and 1 child after the fact, I feel like I am barely old enough to get married. So once I got over that shock I had a lot of fun meeting with Stephanie (who is not 9 years old anymore) and her fiance and discussed this cake. She said her colors were champagne, gold and burgundy. I have never done those colors on a cake, so I was excited. She also wanted to use a nontraditional  cake topper. I was a little worried initially about the Willow Tree figurine, but I think it turned out really well. I iced the cake in a champagne colored Icing and then sprayed it with gold luster dust (which comes of surprisingly yellow in the pictures). Then I went crazy making all kinds of different burgundy gumpaste flowers. I was pleased with the results and very happy to have a chance to reconnect with an old friend while delivering the cake.