Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green and white fantasy flower cake

I made all of the flowers and leaves for this cake by hand out of gum paste. In making a green cake I was looking for just the right shade of green, which happened to be a mixture of 3 different greens, and a teeny tiny bit of black. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teal Swirls and Pearls

Making this cake I wanted to try something new. I have seen cakes make by using stamps and wanted to try it. However my stamp collection is not that big, but I was able to find this fun swirl stamp and had some pink luster dust to use as the ink. I also used my favorite little pearl sprinkles Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silver Zebra Cake

I made this cake for my little sisters birthday. She requested this cake months and months ago. Last summer when I was just starting to sell my cakes I took her to the craft store to buy some supplies and she saw the Duff Goldman animal print cake tattoo's. It was then that she told me that when her birthday came around (like 8 months later) that she wanted a zebra cake. Then a little while later she told me she wanted her zebra cake to be silver and black, instead of white and black. Then a few days before her birthday when I was checking to see if she still wanted her zebra cake, she said she also wanted teal  with the zebra stripes. Done! I had a lot of fun with this cake. It is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. It is covered in fondant that was painted silver with luster dust, and the stripes were made out of chocolate that I colored black. This cake was a blast to make (who knew chocolate would be so much fun to work with) and it tasted pretty darn good. Happy Birthday Jessica!