Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fire Truck Birthday Cake

I was hired to make this cake by one of my co-workers. It was a birthday cake for her husband, who happens to be a fireman. This cake was a ton of fun to make. I loved making the little ladders out of gum paste. Making the butter cream a nice red color was not as difficult as I expected thanks to Americolor. I discovered their gel paste food coloring last summer, and I am in love! I absolutely loved the way this cake turned out, and so did my coworker and her husband.

Chelsea's Wedding Cake

Chelsea was referred to me by a friend. Chelsea found a picture of a cake online and wanted me to recreate that cake. Her 3 requests were that it look like the cake in the picture, be filled with strawberries and coconut, and that it be BIG. She wanted a show stopping wedding cake. She got married in October so the cream and brown fit in with her color scheme. The cake was fun to make. There were over 200 fondant roses on the cake, and I spent hours on end making fondant ribbon roses. I had to assemble the cake on sight, but lucky for me my husband and one of my friends came to help me put it all together. Chelsea was thrilled with the cake, which means I am thrilled with it as well.